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How to book a property with Renttuscany by Emma Villas

Reservations can be made using two different payment methods:



We would like to remind you of the terms and conditions of the payments:

- 30% of the total amount to be paid at the moment of the booking plus reservation fee;

- 70% of the total within sixty days prior to the your arrival date.

RESERVATIONS MADE WITHIN THE 60 DAYS OF THE START OF THE RENTAL PERIOD: In this case clients are required to pay the total amount of the rental cost including the reservation fee at the moment of the booking. The methods of payment are the same as a normal booking procedure.



1) PROPERTY CHOICE & UPDATED CALENDAR: Once you have viewed the property you wish to book, click on the button "Details" (Fig.1). You will be redirected to the property home page where you will find the calendar and the availability. Simply click on any of the days in your chosen week, the calendar will automatically highlight the chosen period. Dates will be automatically identified from Saturday to Saturday (Fig.2). Loading may take a few seconds.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2


Fig. 2a

2) REGISTRATION & BOOKING: Click on the button "Book now" (Fig.3), you will be taken to the page that requests your registration (if you are not already registered with your personal ID and Password) necessary for the bookings (Fig.4). Please fill in all the spaces and accept the privacy conditions (Fig.5).

Fig. 3 


Fig. 4

If you are already registered, simply enter your personal ID and Password in the relevant spaces.

Fig. 5


3) DETAILS: It is necessary to fill in all the spaces to be able to complete the booking (Fig.6).

Fig. 6


4) PRICE & PAYMENT SUMMARY: Once you have filled in all the obligatory details mentioned above, will find the payment section, this is where you can decide how to pay the deposit (Fig.7). We recommend using your credit card, as this is the most direct and immediate procedure which results in the instantaneous block of your chosen property.

Fig. 7

4.a) Credit Card: (Fig.8.a) If you have decided to pay by credit card  , you will be forwarded to a secure site for your payment, here you are required to fill in all the details of your credit card including the security numbers (Fig.9.a). To proceed and complete the payment click on "Send" and click again on the same button on the following screen. (Fig.10.a).

Fig. 8a


Fig. 9a 


BOOKING CONFIRMATION: At the conclusion of the booking you will visualise the booking confirmation (Fig.11.a) which is visible through your reserved area, accessible via your personal ID and Password and also in your e-mail account.

Fig. 11a


4.b) Wire Transfer: If you choose to pay by wire transfer (Fig.8.b) your operator will firstly confirm the availability of the property and option the property in your name for a maximum of 48 hours, if the property is available.

Fig. 8b


OPTION REQUEST: The following screen (Fig.9.b) will confirm your option request and your personalized details of requests and options which are visible through your reserved area, accessible via your personal ID and Password and also in your e-mail account. 

Fig. 9b



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