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Sardegna - Nuoro - BAUNEI/ARBATAX


PRIVATE STRUCTURE (lease only - IUN CODE: Q9672). Villa Sa Tanchitta (in the Sardinian language diminutive of "tanca" or "farm enclosed with dry stone walls") was built in 2009. Structurally it is composed of two units joined together: the first, at the back, with the kitchen-living room and sleeping area, has been built in traditional masonry realised with high performance energy efficiency and soundproofing, the second, in front, dedicated to the entire living area, is built with eco-friendly technology (X-lam). A small number of internal steps create slight differences in height between the various rooms, achieving a fascinating spatial and perspectival articulation. The villa, located at 65 m above sea level, has been built on top of the live rock of a small granite massif that stands on the edge of a sort of plateau which is located at half height in the vast 9-hectare property which includes an entire mount of red granite, whose explosive energy can be seen from every part of the villa. From the windows of the villa, towards south and east, your gaze stretches to the sea and the mountains, while to the west, looking towards the hinterland, you see the splendid plain of Ogliastra and its mountains on the border with Barbagia. The prevailing vegetation of the area is Mediterranean scrub composed of myrtle, mastic, broom, lavender, euphorbia, wild olives, wild pears and numerous prickly pears that characterize the environment, creating a wonderfully suggestive landscape. The villa, of great architectural value in its general conception and for its dialogue with the environment, unique in its kind in the Ogliastra area, has been realized in a modern style, with entire walls in glass and large bright rooms. From every room of the house, your gaze sweeps uninterrupted over the surrounding landscape, and also from the rooms at the back, the kitchen-living room and the master bedroom, the view extends south-east to the sea (2 km away as the crow flies) and over the Gulf and borgo of Arbatax. The finishes, too, are modern, with light ceramic floors interspersed with granite inserts. The furniture is contemporary, with elements of design and original paintings, all studied in detail for the benefit of the large spaces and to enhance the brightness of the structure. Strongly characterising the exterior landscape of the villa, linked visually with the interior, is the swimming pool, located high up in the external living area in front of the veranda on the south-east side of the house, in a visual and perceptive continuum of colours on the background of granite, sky and the splendid sea of Ogliastra. The property is completely green and self-sufficient.



The villa is accessed via an external walkway with a slight upward slope consisting of a few stone-paved steps which, from the little park in front of the flight of steps located next to the parking area, lead to a veranda where the main entrance is located. The entrance is through a glass window that leads to the large living area built with eco-friendly technology, characterized by a perimeter of walls made entirely of glass up to the ceiling. The large room is arranged on two levels, separated by two steps that divide it in half: in the part at the same level as the entrance, is a lounge area in the centre consisting of two sofas with a coffee table, with a view of the exterior from every side and direct exit, through the sliding window, out to the veranda located to the south-east at the same level as the outdoor living area where the swimming pool is located. The second area, higher and reached up two steps (of which the first is refinished with a pink granite slab) as wide as the room, contains the dining room furnished with a 3 m long table, for 10 people, with a solid oak base and glass-plated legs, a modern sideboard matching the dining table, and a seating area for four people on one side, consisting of two armchairs, two small armchairs and an onyx coffee table, which leads to an outdoor patio overlooking the red granite massifs that characterize the property. On the other side of the table a chaise longue creates a panoramic relaxation point. The kitchen is accessed from this second room of the living area through a large glass door and is also higher than the dining room thanks to two steps; it is large and extremely bright due to a window that occupies the entire west wall in width and height, and is habitable, featuring an extremely functional central island equipped with burners, sink, oven and dishwasher, allowing easy meal preparation. Inside, parallel to the window, is a beautiful dining table in glass with steel legs, seating 4 but extendable to seat up to 6 people, a sofa with coffee table, a bookcase and a TV. From the glass wall equipped with sliding doors you go out to the wide external balcony realized in chestnut wood planks that overhangs the rock and the garden below, with a view over the countryside of the hinterland. From the kitchen, a hallway leads to the sleeping area. The master bedroom, furnished with a modern four-poster bed in steel with leather headboard, features an en-suite bathroom plated in "Jasmine" marble with a large niche for the shower, characterized by splendid plating in "Forest Brown" marble slabs, and equipped with a double basin, also in “Forest Brown” marble. Also in the room is a spacious walk-in closet and a little study that opens onto the south-facing patio. From this room the view sweeps south, overlooking the pool, to the sea and the borgo of Arbatax. The second double bedroom, finely furnished with an essential design, opens onto the external balcony in chestnut wood and is adjacent to the private bathroom, also equipped with a large glass shower. The hallway leading to the sleeping area also leads to a third guest bathroom with shower and to a small service wing, equipped with a laundry room, a small pantry with a second fridge for use of the kitchen, and a small room containing kitchen appliances (microwave oven, liquidiser, coffee machine, toaster, American coffee machine).


The villa is located in the open countryside, in a property of about 9 hectares that includes a small horse stud with stables and a paddock for grazing. The park pertaining to the villa measures approximately one hectare. It features, like the whole property, typical Mediterranean shrubs such as mastic, myrtle, euphorbia, broom and interesting wild olives. In the small park, characterized by limestone walkways, next to the flight of steps leading to the villa, and in the centre of the grassy park located to the west, beneath the villa, are two imposing wild olives that provide shade at the edge of an outdoor dining area equipped with table and chairs for six people, and a large brick-built barbecue with pink granite finishes inserted in the rocky context of that area. A rich collection of roses characterizes the dry stone-stepped gardens that border, to the south, on the other side of the park, the road leading to the parking area, and also the other side of the road, creating an avenue of roses. They are also present in the gardens closest to the house, their bright colours mingling with all the other flowers and natural shrubs, in a beautifully balanced landscaped integration of garden art.The main veranda, the L-shaped one surrounding the living area of the villa, is covered. On the main part of the veranda, overlooking the swimming pool, is a large table for eight people in Brazilian “Marinace Rosso” granite and a seating area with wooden armchairs for 6 people. Please notice that photos are taken in spring, therefore flower blossoming, and the colours of the gardens' grass could be different at the moment of your arrival at the villa.

Swimming Pool:

The swimming pool is an architectural element of high quality, built above, and respecting the morphology of the terrain and the granite massifs present on site, which today make up part of the bottom. Irregular in shape and with rounded sides, it is accessible from the covered veranda along three steps that descend into the water. Next to it is another access through an area of a few square metres down a tiny slope, as if it were a small beach, where the water creates a small undertow created by the winds. Immediately after access, the rock inside the pool, as if it were a cliff, makes the typological solution of the pool unique. It gives one the sense of plunging into a highly natural environment, evoking the sensation of swimming in the sea of Sardinia and Ogliastra. Lined in white resin and purified in chlorine, the pool, in its longest part, measures 13 m, and in its widest part, 7,50 m, with the depth varying from 1,20 to 2,20 m at the opposite edge of the pool, where the rocky bottom gives way to the bottom in white resin. The perspective effect is the idea of an infinity pool projected towards the Gulf of Arbatax and its splendid beaches. Extremely suggestive is the effect of the night lighting both inside and outside the pool, surrounded by two sunbathing areas paved in pure white Sardinian marble, better known by the name "fiocco di neve (snowflake)" of Orosei.

Pets: Only on request. € 50,00 per animal per week to be paid on site
Handicap: No
Fenced-in property: Partially with dry stone walls, fences and granite boulders
Amenities and Features
  • Air conditioning in the bedrooms
  • Wi-Fi internet connection
  • satellite TV
  • bluetooth speaker
  • dishwasher
  • microwave
  • american coffee maker
  • espresso coffee machine
  • moka
  • kettle
  • toaster
  • blender
  • washing machine
  • iron and ironing board
  • baby cot
  • high chair
  • hairdryer

Location and distances

Ogliastra, the area where Villa Sa Tanchitta is located, is synonymous of nature: a predominantly uncontaminated geographical area, not surprisingly called the Island within the Island. Ogliastra, reachable in an hour and a half from the two closest airports of the island, Cagliari and Olbia, and served by the port of Arbatax (12 km from the villa) is the perfect place for those who love nature, the sea and the mountains, for aficionados of outdoor adventure sports and for those who love breathtaking landscapes. It is undoubtedly the wildest portion of Sardinia where the sea and mountains give life to a unique combination. Villa Sa Tanchitta is perfectly inserted in this context, surrounded by rocky walls and Mediterranean scrub but only three km from Santa Maria Navarrese, a hamlet of Baunei, where you can visit the beaches defined as three of the most suggestive and unspoiled of the Mediterranean. The villa is 1.5 km of unpaved road away from state road 125, and then, 1.5 km to the north-east, you come to Santa Maria Navarrese, then 500 m to the south, to Lotzorai, also in a wonderful natural setting, with the mouths of rivers and large dune beaches, and less than 6 km away, also to the south, is Tortolì with its beautiful beaches of fine granite sand. As mentioned, the coast, just10 km from the property, offers practically everything: from long beaches of fine white sand to rocky inlets, from small white pebble coves to inlets with deep red rocks. Starting from the north, you will find the coves of the Costa di Baunei, reachable only by sea or on foot: Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriala, Cala Mariolu, Spiaggia dei Gabbiani and Cala Goloritzè. Further south are the most varied scenarios. The Bay of Forrola and the incredible rocky inlet of Pedra Longa with its spire, a natural monument reaching 128 metres above the sea, which some theories of toponymy claim gave its name to the Ogliastra sub-region. But Baunei is also a mountain, and one of the most pristine in the Mediterranean. The borgo located at 480 m above sea level is the gateway to an area of extraordinary beauty, where you can visit the renowned localities of Golgo and have the opportunity to follow the most famous trekking trails in Sardinia, including the very famous Selvaggio Blu, between sea and mountain. The aforementioned Pedra Longa can be reached by car from Baunei, along a route of 3 km that goes into a canyon of limestone that flows into the sea. Further south of Pedra Longa, so 3 km from the villa, is the central "urban" beach of Santa Maria Navarrese, a landscape jewel at the foot of the Spanish tower, and the beach of Lotzorai named "Il Lido delle Rose" where the mouth of the Rio Pramaera displays natural scenarios of great interest and charm. Places where you can find peace and interact with the fragile balance of nature. Without interruption, the beach to the south becomes the "Spiaggia di Girasole", a dune beach that continues to Arbatax, passing through the mouth of the Rio Girasole where the channels of brackish water, rich in fish, have given rise to the famous Ogliastra fishing centre of the fishermen's cooperative of Arbatax. Behind all this, the main mountain range of the island, that of the Gennargentu mountains, silently dominates the ancient plain of Ogliastra, with its hundred-year old holm oaks and thousand-year old wild olives, deep canyons and torrential rivers, just a few kilometres from the coasts and directly visible from the property. Punta La Marmora, with its 1,834 metres above sea level, is the highest peak in Sardinia and is located between Desulo and Arzana, less than an hour's drive from the villa. As mentioned, Baunei with the hamlet of Santa Maria Navarrese and Tortolì with the hamlet of Arbatax are the two most famous tourist resorts of the area and are equipped with tourist services, shops, restaurants, banks, bathing establishments and a marina where you can charter small and medium-sized boats or take boat trips along the coast full of coves, caves and cliffs that fall sheer to the sea. Of great interest to enthusiasts is the archaeological heritage of the area, with the numerous Nuragic and pre-Nuragic sites present throughout the area.

Airport: Cagliari 125 km, Olbia 190 km, Alghero 210 km
Train station: Nuoro 80 km
Shops and services: Santa Maria Navarrese 3 km, Arbatax 7 km, Tortolì 8 km
Beaches: Spiaggia di Santa Maria Navarrese 4 km, Spiaggia di Pollu 5 km
Parking: 2 covered parking spaces inside the property
Access roads: 1,5 km of unpaved road in good conditions
Attractions within 100 km: Arbatax 7 km, Tortolì 8 km, Baunei 9 km, Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei 35 km, Muravera 75 km, Nuoro 88 km, Costa Rei 100 km
Altitude: 64 slm


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